About me

Frank Smits is a well-known international business consultant. He works on a multitude of complex, integrated global programmes and initiatives in organisations of varying sizes. Blue chip to more local. Specialises in business change activities and/or people engagement challenges, often with complex operating model changes and IT-enabled solutions. Frank helps to shape and manage new operating model and the associated fit-for-purpose transformation and change initiative and programmes across multiple geographies. He does this by applying his organisational and change management experience as well as extensive exposure to and leadership development in multi-country business implementations to augment the client’s own experience and expertise.

His professional goals are to supplement the clients’ experience and expertise with his own. This to help clients implement their personal and business objectives and programmes more effectively. His experience can help to avoid or to manage the possible hurdles and challenges that one runs into in this type of programmes and initiatives.

Much of the work he does most recently via the company Purple Omni that he founded in 2013. Also, to facilitate achieving his professional goals, Frank is also currently in the process of founding the Centre for Collaborative Innovation which aim it is to bring together specialists from communities, business and academia to create novel fit-for-purpose solutions, practices and knowledge to address today’s complex challenges. The express purpose is to leverage –where possible and appropriate- local communities and businesses and their experiences and expertise.

This blog shares Frank’s own personal journey to achieve his goals, and share his experiences to help others make sense of theirs, and –importantly- to learn from experiences from other people facing similar challenges.